GTB Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower ‘fine tune’


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Made from 2.5mm thick Carbon Fibre for extra strength, the ‘fine tune’ rear shock tower features fine tuning of both the shock mount position and the camber link postion. The centre hole of the shock tower is in the same place as the centre hole of the kit tower. The camber link positions are moved closer to the centre of the car making the links as long as possible helping increase the weight transfer in the higher speed bends to increase corner speed. The ‘fine tune’ tower has 3 camber link positions each side instead of the 2 present on the kit tower allowing for even more fine tuning. The finishing touch to the ‘fine tune’ rear tower is the profile of the top edge which matches precisely the profile of the kit rear wing.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 4 mm