XB2 front wing mount (Black)


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This allows you to mount a front wing in front of your shocks on the top deck.

This item is made up of 2 pieces (both are included). The bottom support bracket which fits neatly into the contours of the XB2 front bulkhead, it also adds 8 degrees of extra angle to the front wing. The second part, the top cover, reinforces the wing at it’s mounting points and also has 8 degrees of angle built into the counter bore of the mounting screw holes to ensure nothing twists out of line.

We recomend using M3x20 button head screws. We had these left over when we built our XB2 CE’18 kit, they are used for the alternative rear shock tower mounting position so were surplus to requirements.

In the pictures we have used the Xray wing (XR323512) that comes in the CE kit.

Available in orange or black.

This item is also available from our Shapeways shop made from SLS printed Nylon in a range of colours. HERE

This item is 3d printed here at Thumbs Towers from pla in orange or black.

Contact us if you would like a different colour, it may be possible.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 16 mm

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