GTB Slipper Shaft and PTFE Slipper pads


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Here is the answer to your pulley stripping nightmare!

The Thumbs Designs layshafts have been a proven design for many years, it has been extensively used by customers worldwide with great success. The main objective of this shaft is adress the problem of the drive pulley stripping. With the kit setup the pulley is able to move on the end of the hex and can even slip off the hex that drives it thus stripping the hex from the inside of the pulley and taking away the drive from the rear axle. The Thumbs Designs layshaft has an extra shoulder which clamps the whole slipper unit together and exerts pressure on the end pulley stopping it from disengaging with the drive plate hex.

The shaft has been designed to take a new slipper pad which has been manufactured from a PTFE based material which gives a mush smoother yet more positive engagement of the slipper clutch whilst helping to dissipate the heat from the clutch much better. In testing we have found that the original red pads seem to secrete a goldish brown residue which sticks to the aluminium plates and once the red pads release there grip they spin wildly and refuse to grip the plates again until the drive power has been released. With these new white Thumbs Designs slipper pads you will find that the slip action of the clutch will release in a much more controlled manner and will grip the aluminium plates again in a similar smoothly positive manner. Although we have found that the slipper spring still adjusts almost all the way down, we have found a huge improvement in the slipper clutch action.

Here is a quick description of how the layshaft saves your pulleys life


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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 15 mm