GTB Full Weight Kit Ver. 2


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This kit includes the parts GTB003, 004 and 005 to make a complte kit. Fit this kit when using 120g lipos to help you acheive perfect balance left to right and to give optimum stability to your car by adding rear bias to your weight balance. The weights are kept as low as possible, mounted directly to the chassis to lower the centre of gravity and reduce the possibility of grip roll.

The front weight is only suitable for use with lipos under 90mm long but the other weights can be used with batteries up to the full length of the battery compartment, 103mm

The new “Version 2” part is designed to fit in the same way as the popular original design but is now CNC machined for extra accuracy and given some  finishing touches such as the chamfer running around the top edge of the parts which not only looks trick but stops the corners digging into your soft case Lipo.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 100 × 60 × 7 mm